We are a software development company specializing in all type of applications. 

Some examples include Healthcare, Database Optimization and AI Technologies.  We off a full range of services and continue to diversify into new areas.

sepStream ®

The following is a list of some of the advantages you will achieve by choosing sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions products...


SQL Tuned

We can bring your database performance back to life, and you back to living. We are the complete SQL Performance Tuning Solution.


AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming market for businesses. When it comes to AI applications in medical sciences and health care.

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sepstream.com offers Enterprise PACS. Providing a single affordable solution to streamline your diagnostic workflow.



sqltuned.com offers Database Optimization, SQL Performance Troubleshooting, Skilled SQL Professionals.



ai-technology, is the ultimate solution to AI enabled technologies for healthcareImaging solutions at an affordable price.

Your work will get much easier


sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™

Solutions provide a quick Return On Investment (ROI), operational efficiencies and cost savings. The Diagnostic Imaging paradigm has changed forever, presenting an increasingly costly and challenging environment.


SQL Performance Tuning Solution

Performance issues can be resolved, and your database back up to it’s peak efficiency. Efficient database means less time, less time can equal lower costs. SQL Performance tuning can help lower your costs.


RIS & PACS News, Information and Help

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a booming market for businesses. When it comes to AI applications in medical sciences and health care, there is a steady influx of entrepreneurs, as per reports released by the Entrepreneur.


Seppi Technology Associates, LLC.

Seppitechnology.com is the home site for Seppi Technology Associates. We are a software company specializing in Medical Imaging, Database Optimization and AI Technologies. Contact us today for details and information sharing.


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"Seppi Technology Associates, LLC worked closely with my organization to create a low-cost and complete solution for our PACS needs. We will continue to use them for all of our technology and consulting needs. Kudos"


"Our organization quickly needed a complete PACS solution."

" Seppi Technology Associates, LLC promptly assessed our needs and installed a PACS solution that worked and met our budget."

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