About us:

Our Company Nestled deep in the US southern forests of The Woodlands, Texas, Seppi Technology Associates, LLC (STA) began its operations in fourth quarter, 2002.

The diverse backgrounds of the founders created perfect synergies in software informatics development and management. STA is committed to developing low-cost solutions to aid customers to operate efficiently and productively in an unsure and increasingly costly environment. The internet and improving bandwidth have allowed us to create and deliver a complete and secure solutions. STA's approach to streamlining software is unique to the industry and is attracting many types of customers and specialties. Our solutions are affordable, easy to setup/use, scalable and powerful. Customers from diverse industries appreciate our focus on productivity and improved efficiency and performance. STA is licensed in the state of Texas as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is privately held. For more information on our company or products please browse our site, or contact us.